getting used to it

John and his girlfriend Stacy were wandering around the fair having a good time until they started playing the darts game. Stacy won every time but John just couldn’t get the hang of it. Stacy started making fun of John, saying that he wasn’t much of a man. She’d meant it in good natured fun, but John got very upset. They started fighting and yelling at each other right in the middle of the fairgrounds. An old lady who looked like a gypsy came out of a nearby tent and shouted “YOU BOTH NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE OTHER!”

John’s vision blurred for a second and suddenly he was staring at himself! He looked down and realized he was in Stacy’s body! Stacy was similarly surprised to find she was now John! The old lady told them once they’d enjoyed the fair together they’d swap back.

They did the best they could. John hung on Stacy’s arm and felt teeny and weak. If losing at darts was emasculating, this was just over the top. Worse, Stacy took John around to all of the various carnival games and kept winning prizes for John!

John clearly wasn’t enjoying himself as Stacy, so the real Stacy came up with something John might enjoy. They snuck back to their car and started making out in the back seat. Stacy put all the attention on John, trying to show him a good time in her body. John was torn. It felt really good, but he felt so small and weak and so, well, girly as Stacy played with John’s tits.

In the end John couldn’t relax, feeling like if he gave into the feminine pleasures of Stacy’s body he’d be betraying himself. They headed back to the fair just as it was closing up only to find the tent the old woman had been in was gone! John started freaking out. Tonight was the last night of the fair! He was going to be stuck as Stacy until the fair came back next year!

Stacy, on the other hand was weirdly calm. While she hadn’t been able to get John off in her body, his little gasps and mewls of pleasure had been a sign that there was hope! She was looking forward to getting used to their new arrangement…


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