First official bodysuit

After two hours of fucking Emily (15) was exhausted, her body could barely take it anymore. She licked her dry cracked lips, she could taste semen and her own bodily fluids, her whole hurt, she could feel the bruises coming out all over her soft skin but the bruises on her skin were nothing compared to the soreness she felt inside. The black man had used all her holes, stretching them far beyond anything her body was designed for. She knew the man was struggling not to cum, he want to force one last orgasm from her, as he called her names and almost broke her arm Emily looked around the room at the destruction their fucking had caused. He had caught her by surprise, she’d fought but he’d been to strong and pulled her sexy clothing off her, she called for help but no one came and so she been the man’s power for what felt like a life time.Emily’s body tensed and she felt her whole body shake as her pussy sprayed out juices, she tried to remain conscious but the darkness overcame her as she felt semen being squirted over her back and hair.

Emily woke slowly and rubbed her sore body, she looked around and saw her mum sat next to her on the sofa drinking tea. Emily tried to speak but her mother stopped her “here drink this” Helen (45) gave her a cup of tea. It was at this point Emily’s confused brain notice that it was her mum’s face sat on the sofa but not her body, her body was that of a black man. Emily tried to talk again but her mother shushed her “I overheard you talking with your friend on the phone about what you were going to do at the club tonight with your bodysuits. I know you think you can now do what ever you want without damaging your real body underneath but it’s your mind that is now unprotected. I’m sorry for what I did but I would do it again because I know you’ve learned your lesson, you still need to remember the bodysuit law you were taught in school, be careful of everyone because anyone can be anyone”.

Emily sat and took it all in, what she had been trying to tell her mother was right from the start she knew it was her mum in the bodysuit and not a stranger attack but as she felt her pussy and ass leaking unnaturally large amounts of cum she started coming up with a plan. For years now she’d know about her parents secret stash of bodysuits, often when her parents had been out she’d invite friends over to use the suits in all sorts of ways. She’d fuck with the black man suit lots of times, both wearing and getting fuck by it, but she’d never been fuck as well as she’d been by her mother.

Emily climbed on to her mother’s lap and hug her, tears welled up in her eyes as she apologised, she felt the a hardening dick poke her ass.


Fours later, Emily had her mother ploughing her bodysuit in the same position as before she looked across the room as her friend entered, instead of going out to a club to celebrate their first official bodysuits the girls had decided to spend a night in.


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