First annual great shift beauty pageant.

It was not easy for Karl after the great shift going from a 25 year old man to a 17 year old girl and having to put up with the massive mood swings and raging hormones that came with the body.He could not believe that his girlfriend had signed him up for this.She told him it would help him come out of his shell & start to accept the fact that he was for the rest of his life a woman. He could not believe he was actually doing this as he stepped out onto the stage in his bathing suit for the first annual great shift beauty pageant.He felt ridiculous standing there with hundreds of eyes staring at his female body as he did a little spin at the end of the catwalk showing off every inch of his beautiful feminine body as he prepared to tell them about who we used to be and who he was now and was surprised when he won his local heat and was named Miss Great Shift Boston and was put forward for the regionals for Miss great shift USA.


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