FBI Body Morphing Squad. Thomas do Ryder Mission 3

The third case he had to investigate was a bit more closer to home.

He was given a job as a secretary for the District Attorney Wilbur Ford in Atlanta Georgia.

Thomas was not happy at a third case as a woman but his commanding officer told him he was a natural at doing this type of work.

Thomas now going by the name of Rebecca was supposed to find out everything he could about backhanders concerning land deals for casinos.

First couple of weeks went as usual for him running back and forward in skerton high heels been perfect little secretary.

He did not know when it happened but it slowly starting to feel natural and normal to him to be a woman which unnerved him in some ways.

He quickly settled into his everyday routine of typing up reports and making sure it was always hot coffee at every meetings & putting up with stupid names like pet, sweetie, doll & sugar which got on his nerves..

Thomas was having a hard time finding out any evidence about the district attorney’s underhanded dealings so he decided to use the best weapon in his arsenal.

He had been three different women over the past five years and he had quickly learn to love sex as a woman and knew how to seduce and please a man.

He had noticed over the past couple of weeks that the district attorney’s private secretary had the hots for him so he decided to put his moves on him.

And after a couple of dates things were slowly starting to hot up and slowly but surely he wormed his way into his confidence he quickly discovered he was quite a chatty man after a night of screwing and he could not believe the information he was finally getting after weeks of hard work and all it took was to drop his knickers.

And he had enough information now to close the case and finally get back to his old self.

But after five years being a woman he wasn’t sure he could return back to being a man.


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