Extra Conditions

“Will you look at these things?” I shouted, after agreeing to my girlfriend’s gender swapping idea. “I can’t even zip up this top! How am I supposed to go out in public with these jugs?”
“Jeeze, relax, you’re the one who wanted the extra conditions!” She was referring to the (what I thought was a) small addition to the spell: on top of the breasts I would get naturally, I wanted to get the size from her modest breasts as well.
“Yeah, but I didn’t know it would leave me with these monsters!” I reached up and grabbed them. I can’t lie, it did feel good, but that didn’t change how unmanageable they were.
My girlfriend laughed. “Just imagine what they’ll be like if you got pregnant!”
“Are you saying that’s a possibility?…” I said, shrugging off my top and letting my tits hang free as I walked closer to my girlfriend.
“Maybe…” she said slowly. “But not with me. I only did this spell because I wanted to hook up with this sexy girl at work, and she’ll definitely find my new male body much more attractive, so…bye!” I hadn’t even noticed her getting closer to the door until she was darting out of it. I flopped down on the couch in disbelief, staring from the door to my new boobs. As I stared down at my chest I thought, “The night’s still young. Maybe if I go out for a bit I could still have some fun tonight…


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