“No.” Drew said as he began walking down the stairs away from the apartment. Rick followed close behind.

“Oh come on man! I’d do the same for you!” Rick pleaded as he stopped Drew at the bottom of the stairs. Drew only stared at him.

A few minutes prior, Rick had called Drew over to his apartment to ‘check something out’. But when Drew got there all Rick had to show him was a necklace that looked like it had just come from a flea market. Rick insisted it was magic, but Drew didn’t buy it. It wasn’t until Rick convinced Drew to put it on that the magic revealed itself. Drew’s body rapidly began changing, growing smaller and weaker. His hair grew as his features and skin softened. His chest began to balloon outward, filling a bra that was forming on his chest as his clothes disappeared. Matching panties covered his cock, which was soon replaced with a slit. Makeup applied itself to his face, finishing the transformation.

Immediately Drew tried removing the necklace to change back, but stopped when Rick told him that if he took it off before a day had passed he would be stuck like that. Upon hearing that, Drew threw up his hands and left. Rick chased after him, insisting that he should take the opportunity to experience sex from the other side. But Drew couldn’t care less about his friend’s sexual ambitions. He just wanted to get home so he could explore his new body.


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