My roommate/landlord Abbey was a bisexual witch. Now, if you’re like most guys you might think “Oh, that sounds like an opportunity for some pussy!” and you wouldn’t be 100% wrong. The trouble was that despite being bisexual, Abbey didn’t like gay sex.

Sound contradictory? That’s what I thought until Abbey revealed that the housing agreement I’d signed included some magical clauses. Next thing I know I’m looking at myself. My body tells me it’s Abbey and that she is gonna go out for a night on the town as me and try and pick up some chicks. I screamed at Abbey and told her I’d go out as her and make her life a living hell if she didn’t swap us back right away. She just smirked at me and said a few quick words.

Suddenly I was so horny I literally couldn’t stand. I started finger fucking myself in Abbey’s body. She told me as horny as I was now there was no way I was going to be leaving the house tonight. She was right.

That was three months ago. Every other weekend Abbey steals my body and leaves me in hers, always making me so fucking horny all I can do is masturbate. I begged her to fuck me once, but she said she wasn’t turned on by her own body. At least she bought me some dildos. Sometimes she makes me horny for anal too and so I end up here, getting DPed by two dildos. I signed a two year lease so I’m going to have a lot more time to kill like this.


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