Consequential Growth

“It’s just like I told you: the more you fuck me, the bigger they’ll get, but the smaller you’ll get,” my wife said to me as I stared at her breasts. Only a few minutes ago she had a pair of almost A-cups, but now they were at least a cup size larger. And I was about five inches shorter. “It’s only a few inches,” I thought. “And she’s still shorter than me. We could do this for a bit longer…”
I thrust myself into her, watching as her boobs continued to grow, and I continued to shrink. It was only a few inches. In a few more minutes, she was at least a small C-sup, and I was pretty sure that if she stood up right now, she would be taller than me, but all that meant was that I’d get a better view of those growing boobs.
Suddenly I felt it. A growing pressure in my crotch. I was close to finishing. With one more great thrust, I did, and suddenly her breasts grew at least two cups, and I shrunk maybe ten more inches.
My new shortness suddenly hit me. If she stood up now, I’d be level with her belly, maybe. I went to pull out and get away, but she stopped me.
“What are you doing, short stuff? We’re not done yet,” she said, pulling me into her again. With every thrust her expanding tits shook to the rhythm, sloshing about with their newfound size…


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