Chemical Waste

Gabriel was a 22 year old man who was tired going home from work. He was so tired in fact he almost fell asleep while he was driving home. As soon as he got home, he was thinking “Maybe i should take a bath to energize myself again.” and then he turned on the bathtub filling it with water. Little did he know that the water was mixed with a chemical waste from the company FemGel. Earlier that day his house pipes were leaking and he was fixing it very fast because he was late for work, he did a mistake by connecting the water pipes with the draining pipes. He took his shower mantle and hung it on a hanger and after that he dipped in the bathtub

The transformation was subtle and he did not notice it at all. It happened to his upper body first, his whole body became petite as a girl and his chest swelled forming 2 giant sensitive breasts on his chest, his nails became longer and lost all of his body hair leaving his skin smooth as a silk. Then his voicebox changes on his throat, he lost his adam’s apple and forming a soothing feminine voice. His face also shrunk following the transformation of his whole face. Lips plumped out and his nose became smaller, his eyes also gotten a lot of bigger and the pigment on his eyes turned blue. Then his hair was lengthened without knowing, It changed colors into gold making him a blonde. His legs also lost all of it’s hairs and lengthened itself, his feet became smaller and his thighs became bigger. Then the final changes happened on his crotch, his penis was pushing itself into him and his ballsack also went through him along with his whole penis. A vagina was blossoming in his crotch, lips formed around her vagina and this is the part where he or should i say she now, noticed it.

Water was entering her vagina and she let out a little girly moan, she was puzzled of how did her sound changed like that. And that’s where she sits up on the bathtub realizing he is now a she! She was still puzzled and not surprised of how he changed into a girl until she touch her own boobs. She felt immense pleasure and let out a moan once more. She was now excited to inspect her new body. As she was done showering, she ran into his bedroom and looked at his mirror. She realized that she was a beauty, She has an angelic face and a body that looks like it belongs to an angel. She was still admiring her body and her face until the TV showed a news about “FemGel 2.0 failed?” she now realized FemGel did this to her and she was the first user of the FemGel 2.0. Fortunately for her, she did not have that many family members when she was a man, but she will definitely tell his reliable friends, and lucky for her. She’s still single. She was very excited to meet his friends and continuing his life as Gabrielle.


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