Cheering me up

I heard a knock on my door and got up to answering it. When I saw a smiling brunette chick standing there I was a little surprised. I’d been expecting my pal Greg.

“Dude, I’m Greg.” She said and laughed after I asked. I figured the rest out quickly enough. Greg’s new girlfriend was a witch. I hadn’t believed it until Greg had shown up one time looking about four inches taller and without an ounce of fat on his body. She change Greg’s body a lot, and I’d seen him taller, shorter, more muscular, black, east asian, south asian, latin, blond, red head, you name it. But never a woman before. It left me a little speechless.

“I know, pretty cool right?” Greg said and reached up and grabbed his boobs, “I can play with boobs whenever I want.”

I invited her in. Him in. I was having trouble keeping it in my head.

“Dude, Wendy is so awesome. It was cool being bigger and taller and having a giant cock and all, but this is really something else. I mean, we screwed a lot before, but since she turned me into a girl… Man, we must have gone at it for twelve hours straight last night.” Greg said and smiled.

I was of course, jealous. It had literally been years since I’d had a girlfriend, and never one as fun as Wendy sounded.

“Woah. Dude.” Greg said, looking at me strangely, “That face… are you upset?”

I felt pretty sure I’d made that face before when Greg had talked about having wild sex with Wendy.

“Dude, being a chick is totally changing the way I think. It’s like I can read other people’s emotions better…” Greg said and drifted off. “I’ve got an idea to cheer you up.” He said and stood up off the couch. I stood mute as this hot chick knelt between my legs and pulled out my cock. I was about to say something when she suddenly opened her mouth and took the whole thing inside. Instead all I did was moan.

She pulled off after a few minutes and pumped my cock as it glistened with her saliva, “This is weird. Wendy said the spell might make me bi. I totally think your cock is… yummy.” She said and tugged my shorts off giving her easier access. Weird as this might be, I wasn’t about to complain.

She lowered her head onto my cock again. She took more and more of it into her mouth and it felt absolutely divine. I watched in awe and she’d occasionally look up at me, as if to check and make sure she was doing a good job.

I masturbated plenty, so I was able to last awhile, but man she was really skilled, and it had been so long. I told her I was about to cum after maybe ten minutes. She just started moving faster, taking me still deeper, and peering up at me more frequently. I couldn’t take it and one of the times she looked up at me as she teased me with her tongue was too much. I groaned and squirted into her mouth.

*Glrg* *Glrg* *Glrg* I heard her swallow several times while her mouth was still on my dick. She sat up and had a nervous smile on her face.

“Feel better?” She asked. All I could do was nod. “Good. Umm, let’s play some video games like we’d planned.” She said and paused, then shook her head, “I hope Wendy won’t be upset.” She said after awhile, “I mean, what’s a blowjob between friends?”


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