Bribes and Blackmail

Henry swapped with Nina his own secretary voluntarily. He realized he was taking a demotion, but wanted to be a chick, and she wanted to be promoted and be a man. They used a spell book, and swapped at work in Henry’s office at break.

Nina, now Henry said, “I’m your boss now, and I’m the man here. Drop down and suck me NINA, or I’ll swap us back.”

New Nina said, “Are you kidding, of course I’ll suck you. I wanted this, and I don’t want to swap back, so I’ll do what you want, BOSS STUD MUFFIN.”

New Nina stroked her former cock and sucked it like a pro, as the new Henry realized he made the right choice in the swap. He took the spell book and burned it in a trash can, accidentally setting off the fire alarm.

Ted walked in to warn the boss about the fire, and seen Nina on her knees.

The new Henry said, “I saved a page from my magic book just for something like this. You tell anyone of this, and I’ll change you so you’ll be so shocked you won’t even worry about telling and you won’t even be yourself for anyone to believe you. Got it?”

Ted replied, “First there is a fire and we should get out, second magic doesn’t exist, you are crazy. Third, I’m telling the CEO as soon as this fire is over.”

“You will, huh will you? We’ll see about that,” said Henry.

Henry muttered some words from that page, then threw that page into the fire with the rest of the book.

Ted suddenly stopped in his tracks, writhing in pain, as his body reshaped itself along with his clothes changing. He fell to his knees, as he realized he was now ultra busty and wearing high stilettos! He had 32M cups and sparkly suede blue five inch heeled stiletto pumps. His legs were now in tan support pantyhose, and his body in a tight navy blue mid knee dress. His hair was now long and brown, cascading down to his now large bottom end. He had huge hoop earrings on his ears, and a huge heavy necklace, along with tons of bunches of thin gold bangle bracelets on both tiny wrists. His nails grew to two inches past his fingertips as they were now coated with navy blue polish. His lips were now puffy and covered in ruby red lip gloss that tasted like cherries. Makeup formed on his face, including a light coating of powder foundation, heavy blue eye shadow, thick black eyeliner, huge lashes, lots of mascara, and some light red blush on his sexy cheeks.

Henry said, “Ted, or well now how about Teresa? You better stay on those pretty knees and craw over here to have your turn, or you will be fired and on the street with no ID, and no one is going to believe you were Ted, just look at yourself in the mirror, do you look like a Ted? I didn’t think so, babe, now get sucking.”

The new Teresa had no choice as tears rolled down her makeup caked face as she sucked a man for the first time. Henry had two new secretaries to do with as he pleased, and was glad for that book, and that it was gone with the changes permanent.


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