bodyswap with mother-in-law part 2

It’s been one week since I swapped bodies with my mother-in-law Cynthia and I am starting to love being her. Or more precisely, being a woman. I would never have swapped with a woman if my GF did not ask me to swap with her mother for her birthday present. At first I would have said no but I’m glad I didn’t. This is amazing. Sometimes I think of not swapping back because this body feels so good and masturbating is so much better. But I am going to wait to say something because right now my GF is at the swaplab going to swap bodies with Cynthia in my body. Actually she is swapping with James and I am Cynthia because when you swap bodies at swaplab you give up everything related to you body and life. So I am now officially the mother of my GF. Anyway they won’t be back for a couple of hours, so I am going to enjoy myself and play with my body and some of Cynthia’s toys until they are back home.

A couple of hours later “Melissa” and “James” came back to the house. My old body said:” O MELISSA, this is so amazing. You were so right that being a male feels so good. Thanks MOM that you agreed to stay in my moms body for another week.” Then Cynthia in Melissa her body said:” Next week I swap back with MOM so I am back in my original body.” I answered her:”And I will be someone around my age. It was a unique experience, which isn’t over just yet. It’s still a week”

We all went to our bodies assigned rooms. A couple of hours later Melissa in my body knocked on my door. She said:” Oh James, or MOM or whatever. After just a couple of hours in you body I’m starting to enjoy it so well. Maybe we could stay in our bodies after you swapped with my mom. You will be me and I you. We can always swap back if we change our minds.” I smiled, This is going to be amazing


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