bodyswap with a stranger

Hey my name is James. Well it used to be because now I am Stephanie. Let me explain it to you. It all started last week when I went mall to buy a new pair of jeans and some shoes. While I was walking in the mall to the clothing store, a woman came up to me and said: “Hey my name is Stephanie. I want to try this new place called Swaplab and I want your help.”
Me:” What can I do for you?”
Stephanie:” Well, at swaplab you can swap bodies with someone. You can swap with someone from their database for a given time. This is what I was looking for but those swaps are really expensive because of the legal stuff required for such a swap. So I was thinking to swap bodies with someone like you for a swap what they call a lifetime swap. Those swaps are way cheaper as in only 1000 dollars. Compared to those other swaps wich cost around 1 million dollars for a swap that lasts a weak. We can always use an other lifetime swap to swap back. It may sound strange but do you want to swap with me?”
Me:”Okay. But if I want to swap but and you decline I can do nothing about it?
Stephanie:” That is true but I promise you I will swap back the moment you ask for it. Plus it will be an unique experience to try sex as a woman.”
Me:”Fuck it I’m in. This is going to be unique. So where do we go?
Stephanie:” To swaplab here in the mall. The swap machines are in the back of the store. We can swap right here and go to my place after the swap.”

I followed her to swaplab. We had to fill in some documents together and sign some papers that we know we are swapping for a lifetime swap and they can only swap us back when we both agree to it. Then we both had to go individually to Dr Brenda Portman. firtst stephanie went and 10 minutes later she came back an I had to go into the office of Dr Portman. Dr Portman said:” Hello James. Stephanie told me about you situation. You are sure to trust a stranger?”
me:”Well I do i think”
Dr Portman:” do you want any extra information or is everything clear with you. Normally I cover everything from the procedure itself to the physical differences between your body and that from Stephanie. We can swap you two today if you want but than I can’t tell you anything and we have to start the swap procedure right now.”
me:”Just swap our bodies. I will be fine”

We went to the swap machine, two pods connected together by some wires and weird lights blinking in different patterns and colors. I had to lay in pod 2 and Stephanie in pod 1. We had one more time to cancel the swap but we both said to go forward with it.
Dr Portman begin to countdown 3 2 1 …

I blacked out and immediately I was conscious again. but everything felt weird and wrong. Their was now a weight on my chest, no dick between my legs, long hair in front of my eyes and I was now wearing glasses which I didn’t needed in my body.

Grabbing my boobs while looking in the mirror I said;”This is going to be interesting “


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