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bodyswap with a stranger

Hey my name is James. Well it used to be because now I am Stephanie. Let me explain it to you. It all started last week when I went mall to buy a new pair of jeans and some shoes. While I was walking in the mall to the clothing store, a woman came up to me and said: “Hey my name is Stephanie. I want to try this new place called Swaplab and I want your help.”
Me:” What can I do for you?”
Stephanie:” Well, at swaplab you can swap bodies with someone. You can swap with someone from their database for a given time. This is what I was looking for but those swaps are really expensive because of the legal stuff required for such a swap. So I was thinking to swap bodies with someone like you for a swap what they call a lifetime swap. Those swaps are way cheaper as in only 1000 dollars. Compared to those other swaps wich cost around 1 million dollars for a swap that lasts a weak. We can always use an other lifetime swap to swap back. It may sound strange but do you want to swap with me?”
Me:”Okay. But if I want to swap but and you decline I can do nothing about it?
Stephanie:” That is true but I promise you I will swap back the moment you ask for it. Plus it will be an unique experience to try sex as a woman.”
Me:”Fuck it I’m in. This is going to be unique. So where do we go?
Stephanie:” To swaplab here in the mall. The swap machines are in the back of the store. We can swap right here and go to my place after the swap.” Read more