Bimbo Cops

Richard and Alan were very cruel police officers. They had been on the force for almost 3 years and in that time they had gotten so many penalties and warnings that it is a miracle for them that they hadn’t been fired yet. There was one criminal in particular who hated them the most. He was an evil scientist named Dr. Atom; Dr. Atom hated them because they had busted him three times trying to pull off his schemes and he was sick of it. It was time for his revenge. Dr. Atom bided his time in his cell until he heard that Richard and Alan were guarding the cells that night. He smiled evily.
Later that night Dr. Atom let out a fake cry of distress and fell to the floor. Richard and Alan didn’t care about the Doctor in the slightest but they knew that they’d finally get in trouble if a prisoner died on their watch. The two cops opened the doctors cell and bent down to try to shake him awake. At that moment the doctor sprang his trap! He opened his eyes and he stabbed both cops in the arms with a syringe. The effects were instant and both cops passed out as the changes began.
Alan awoke very woozy. He was having trouble remembering anything and he was trying to figure out why he was so cold. He realized it was because he was only wearing a hat. He opened his eyes and saw himself lying next to a beautiful naked girl who had only a hat on like him. Alan… now Alice screamed as she realized that she was a woman now too. As Richard now Rochelle awoke too Alice noticed her old arch enemy Dr. Atom standing over the two “girls” naked and smiling…


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