Bimbo Bliss

Tim, well, Tina now let out an almost eternal orgasmic moan as the Alpha fucked her silly. Her enormous bouncing breasts, her tight pussy…every nerve in her body seemed to explode in pleasure as she was fucked senseless. The pleasure was far too strong for Tim to bear, and soon he was yet another victim of the mystical bimbo virus. Tim’s story is unfortunately a common one in these dark times, and hopefully by reading this you can avoid his fate.

Tim’s best friend was Ronald. The two were incredibly close friends, doing almost everything together, from schoolwork to housework to video games. They were truly the best of friends…until the Bimbo Virus. Tim and Ronald were at first both excited by the prospect. Men and Women everywhere turning into incredibly horny bimbos that just loved to be fucked…it sounded like paradise. Not only that, but some men were “Alphas”, and had the power to drain the intelligence and masculinity out of both men and women, creating even more bimbos for them to fuck. Tim was ecstatic to learn his best friend Ronald had become an Alpha himself. He was sure their friendship would last for eternity, him and his best friend fucking bimbo after bimbo, living as kings in this land.

Unfortunately for Tim, Ronald had other ideas. As he slowly fucked the masculinity out of more and more, he began to crave more. He grew increasingly brutal, until even Tim was scared of him. Then Tim made his final mistake…he asked Ronald to stop for a little while. He asked him to just fuck bimbos for a short time, instead of forcing every man or women he met to join the ranks of the bimbo hordes. Ronald was furious that his friend had the gall to suggest such a thing to him. So, he plotted his revenge. Tim was fairly manly, and smart. Unlike many, he couldn’t be easily tricked into bimbohood…so Ronald did something smarter. He spiked Tim’s coffee with some of his cum, guaranteeing a one way trip to bimbohood. After offering Tim the coffee, Ronald apologized for his actions, oddly grinning.

Tim calmly took a sip of the coffee, noticing it tasted slightly…strange. After drinking the coffee, he shuddered, and began to feel light headed. He stared in embarrassment as a single long hair crossed his vision, evidently belonging to him. As if a catalyst to his transformation, he began to feel heat permeate throughout his body. Ronald laughed, grinning lustily. Tim said “Wh-why Ron? Why me?” to which the Alpha simply laughed. Tim could feel his body changing. His shoulders slowly caved in as his previously muscular arms became slender and womanly. His waist narrowed as his hips widened, giving him a far more feminine figure. He felt an intense pressure in his chest as massive breasts erupted out of his previously manly pecs. He couldn’t help but throw off his shirt from the pressure, falling to the ground. As his new long and curly hair danced around his face, he lost his rugged handsome, instead becoming delicate, feminine and quite slutty. As his pants ripped to pieces all he had left on was a blue thong. His legs spread apart naturally, as if understanding of the lust and pleasure he was about to feel. His legs became slender and womanly. Slowly, his previously impressive cock shrank, becoming smaller and smaller. Once it was positively miniscule, it melded into his flesh, becoming a feminine slit. His mind remained, as he saw his previous friend brandish his mighty cock. He screamed “No! No! Don’t fuck me Ronald! I…I won’t be able to take it! I won’t be able to resist your incredible cock!”

As Ronald grinned he slowly moved his massive cock into the newly-made bimbo, causing her whole body to explode in pleasure. All of her speech became lusty moans as she was fucked senseless…literally. All of Tim’s personality, memories, and everything else was washed away by this unstoppable tide of lust. All that remained was Tina, the bimbo slut whose loyalty to her beloved Alpha was so strong she sometimes refused to fuck other men if her Alpha didn’t permit it. She was truly his most loyal slave, and for her part she was also Ronald’s favorite slut. As Tim unfortunately learned, you should never trust anyone in the ravaged world of the bimbo plague. Your most loyal friend could easily become your new master if you aren’t careful, as poor Tim here was.


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