Bet No. 2

Jeff moaned loudly as he let the sound of his approval slip from his open, gasping mouth. Dan’s cock was buried so deep inside his female body. The pleasure of being fucked like this was getting better and better. Dan had tricked him the first time when he had changed Jeff into a woman and made him cum twice in ten minutes. But this time, Jeff had bet Dan that he couldn’t do it three times in ten minutes.

Dan chuckled as he sank himself into Jeff once again. They both moaned as their bodies began to move in a hard, passionate rhythm. Jeff counted off the orgasms as Dan skillfully and eagerly took him hard. Jeff writhed under Dan’s weight as he fucked him. His cock spreading his female sex and pressed his entire thick length into him over and over and over again. Jeff came quickly and rapidly within the next ten minutes.

As the third climax faded, Dan whispered into Jeff’s soft ear, “Ready for one more bet?”
Jeff moaned his reply, “Oh hell yes!”


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