bank heist gone wrong

“This is going to take some time to get used to ” I said to myself while looking down at my boobs. I can’t belief I’ve got them now because just a day ago I was still my male self.
It all started with that bank heist. I, James, worked for a private security company which specialized in banking security. I always made a back door in the system so I could get in without being detected by the security system. It worked well for a couple of years, stealing a couple of billions of dollars in this time. And each time I was appointed by my company to invest the break in. This made it very easy to erase some evidence I may had left behind. But while breaking in yesterday in the bank as usual the alarm was triggered and the security cameras came online and started filming me. I got out seconds before the police showed up. I knew I could not go to my company because I would not be the only one to see the security video’s so I would flee the country but I would never get past security check at the airport. I’ve heard rumors about this secret place, an underground market where you could swap bodies. Not knowing any other way to get out this mess I looked up and found the place of this so could Body Market. At this location, I had to transfer a 100 million dollar fee to enter the place. Once inside the market I was greeted by Dr Amy Shaw. she said;” Welcome to Body Market, we can give you the body you desire. Just tell us what your looking for and we can find a person to swap with you”
I told dr. Shaw my situation and that I was looking for a male body approximately my own build and age.
she said:” I won’t advise that because if the police is looking for someone who looks like you chances are that you would be stopped at the airport security. Trust me, I have the best body for you. ” she took an iPad and started searching for someone and then she showed me a picture of a woman.
she said:” Not convinced. She is the only one I can swap you with in this short time and she has a debt to pay”
I answered:” If you say so. I can always try”
“Lets go the the swap room” dr shaw toold me.
The swap process is easy. take of all of your clothes and lay in a pod, you hear a voice count down from 10 and then my vision went dark.
When I woke up everything felt so different. I had long blond hair in front of my eyes. There was definitely the weight on my chest from F-cup breast that were now mine. I now had manicured hands which looked so weird to me. I adjusted myself to get a better look at my groin which is very difficult to see from my new point of view.
then Dr Shaw entered and handed me the clothes this woman was wearing. A red pantie, black pants, grey top, a jacket and some kind of high heeled woman boots. she told me :” She wasn’t wearing any bra. So you are going to walk bra less. Just knew your boobs will swing a lot. You are Melissa McLeod, aged 22. We booked you a ticket to the bahames. Just go to her place pack a bag and enjoy your new body.

I packed my bag and went to the airport…


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