Awaken Trophy Wife

Harry awoke as a trophy wife, Felicity Jenkins, after the Great Shift. He was stunned feeling his new boobs and long hair, but even more so when his un-shifted husband Jeffry Jenkins entered the room naked. He was about to look away, but realized he felt ultra attracted to this guy, and his cock looked tasty! Never having a gay thought in his life as a man, Harry wondered what was wrong, first he was a female, and now a dude was turning him on… well actually that did make sense, but still….

When the news came on about the Great Shift, and Harry found he was now Felicity, all became clear. Felicity was the horniest whore in town before quitting the business after marrying her sugar daddy husband and becoming his trophy wife. He must have her slutty desires, and now he had her slutty body permanently! Once he realized all this, the “husband” he was turning down for sex, was fair game as he dropped to his black thigh high clad knees and began to perform a blowjob.


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