Perfect Hostess

Jason was just a “little” bit of an jerk. He had a serious attitude problem—-a chip on his shoulder, you could say—-and he took it out on everyone around him, including his parents. Finally, his mother had had enough. Read more

Something in the Wine

Emmett knew they shouldn’t have gone to that sketchy liquor store. In retrospect, not asking for ID should have been a huge red flag, but they’d been too busy celebrating their good fortune to notice. Read more

Long Arm of the Law

Danny and Jordan were punks. They stole, vandalized, committed petty crimes, and generally acted like a two man crime wave, yet they were smart enough never to leave behind any conclusive evidence and therefore got away with everything they pulled. With Halloween coming up everybody was dreading what they’d pull next—-and then they egged the police captain’s house. Read more

Show Me

Matt had been drunk. That hadn’t been supposed to be an excuse, or a justification for his behavior, but facts were facts, and after downing god knows how many cups throughout the night he hadn’t known what planet he was on, much less was capable of controlling his impulses. So when a stunningly attractive co-ed slid by him in the crowd at the party, he acted…..well….rather vulgarly, yelling “show me your tits!” Read more