Any Idea?

“Look at them!” I shouted at my sister as I took of my shirt and exposed my new breasts. Yesterday I had been a man who would have killed to be able to look at tits like these whenever I wanted, but I didn’t want it like this! “Do you have any idea what it’s like to have boobs like these?!” I shouted in anger as I shook my melons, not realizing my mistake until too late. She opened her own shirt, and flashed her even larger breasts at me.
“Actually, not really,” she said. “I haven’t been as small as you since I started high school. Oh I heard all the names, had to deal with dumb boys staring at my impossible to hide cleavage, had to change in the locker room and I knew all the other girls were always staring at my chest. And then you, you never made it any better! Like when you took all my bras while I was asleep and threw them in the pool? Cause you thought it would be funny? Well, now it’s your turn to find out what it’s like to be a busty woman, because I’m never changing you back!” My face fell, but I knew she was just bluffing. She’d leave me like this for a week, then change me back.
“Even if I wanted to,” she continued. “I couldn’t: I burned the magic amulet that let me do this to you. So these babies-” She walked up to me and put her hands on my tits. I jumped a bit at her cold touch. “Are all yours, from now, until the day you die. if you need bras, they’re out in the pool.”


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