“Almost as Big” Part 4

“Alright Mom, what did you want-” Tori stopped short as she walked into her mother’s room. “Why are you wearing my bra? And…why are you-“
“Spilling out of it?” she laughed and raised her arms above her head. “I found that leftover elixir you used to turn yourself into a woman, and decided I’d drink some myself. Then, when the swelling in my chest finally stopped, I went to your room, found your biggest bra, and tried to cram my girls into it.” She smiled widely, finally triumphant. Her tits were definitely bigger than her daughter’s now.
“Mom! Women aren’t supposed to drink that! That’s why I didn’t drink what I had leftover!” Tori shouted worriedly.
“Pfft, obviously it’s not. Look at these things!” she lifted her breasts, and let them fall, snapping the bra strap and letting them hang free. “And no side-effects either! I’m fine. Heck, I’m better than fine! I think I’m going to try to squeeze myself into one of my bras now!”
Tori left the room exasperated at her mother’s ignorance. She had no idea how else the elixir might effect her mother, and at this point, she didn’t know if she really cared.


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