Accident Swap

Zach was having a fun time at the bar. The main reason he was enjoying himself was because Zach was a body hopper. A person with the ability to jump out of the body they’re in a switch with another. Zach was entertaining himself tonight by hopping between every hot guy in the bar and making out with countless girls mostly by using guys who were already making out with someone. Then Zach saw his best target of the night. The man was tall, had awesome hair, and an accent. Zach raised his arms and hopped out of his current body. Zach’s body was flying towards his target when Bam he literally runs into a problem. A girl. Zach’s soul hits this girls body and when it does he is sucked inside. Zach momentarily freaks out over his lack of parts and the two large new parts on his chest. Zach is about to raise his/her arms to quickly switch bodies again when a large man next to him/her grabs both of his arms tenderly. “Hey Ashley are you okay?” The man asks. “I’m okay.” Zach says in the girls’ body while trying to pull the bodies arms free. “Here this will make you feel better.” The man let’s go of the bodies arms and before Zach can even react the man puts his arm down the front of the bodies skirt and panties and begins massaging its clit. Zach involuntarily moans in pleasure and realizes: This could be fun too.


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