A More Feminine Body

In a small town there lived a guy named Chuck. Chuck was a guy who was commonly picked on for being not very attractive. The popular people at the college would constantly make fun of him or prank him.

One day, the bullies took it too far. At his house, Chuck, who was covered in bruises, laid on his bed crying. He then noticed a lamp on the ground and picked it up. He rubbed the lamp like he had seen in movies. Shockingly, a genie came out.

Genie: “Hello my new master! I am here to grant you one wish and one wish only!”

Chuck knew exactly what he had in mind for his wish.

Chuck: “I wish for a more attractive and sexy body that I can change at will!”

As the wish was granted, Chuck did not see anything at first, but then he thought of a model he had seen on TV. Immediately, his body started to transform.

“Wow!” he exclaimed
“My body, it’s changing!”
At that moment, his body became hairless and his penis inverted, giving her a vagina. Chuck, now Vanessa, knew she was female now. She saw herself become slimmer and much more toner than before. She had gained the curves of the model in a second. She saw her A cup boobs grow until they became 34D boobs.
Vanessa giggled as she said “That’s more like it!”
At the same time, her butt started to grow as well, becoming a butt that guys would have wet dreams about. Her waist shrunk as she gained an hourglass figure.

Vanessa looked at her face in a mirror and said “This still needs a bit of work.”
Her face sculpted itself into a masterpiece of Latina beauty with long black hair and brown eyes.
Vanessa saw her clothes were rather loose on her now. As she thought about them, they were affected by the wish too. Her shirt became a small black bra, whereas her jeans took on a red color as they fused into a skirt. Vanessa smiled as the skirt got shorter, showing more and more of her sexy legs. Her shoes became a pair of heels with straps. To finish it off, a tiny black headband formed around her head.

She looked into the mirror and said “Wow, I look fucking hot!

Her mind changed as she thought more about hot guys than sexy girls. Her new thoughts drifted to sexy hunks.


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