A Demonstration

So many hot boys to choose from, I’ll start out simple with just one, but my bimbo instincts are telling me to fuck them all.

“To best understand sex ed, we should have a demonstration,” I say, stripping down to my stockings I lean over the desk, my bare as in the air. “Kyle, come up here and show your classmates the proper way to fuck a woman.”

Kyle blushes, getting many disappointed groans from the other males as Kyle strips off his clothes. I moan loudly as he pushes his cock into me, grabbing and rubbing my breasts as he does so. The class can only watch in amazement as the two of us fuck.

One girl tries to leave, but she’s grabbed by one of my sisters outside, she’d soon join us as a fellow bimbo. As Kyle cummed deep in my pussy, I smile and look out at the class.

It was time for the real lesson to begin.


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