Your New Feet

Kenny woke up in Melissa Moody’s body, the Great Shift hit his town, and he was he only one from there to swap with someone in a nearby town. He was in Melissa’s body while she was talking to some guy, her nylon clad legs up and her heels kicked off. Everyone else at this party was not shifted, as the Great Shift hadn’t hit their town, except for Melissa that is.

Kenny was puzzled, he felt strange, and looking over his new body he knew why. He instantly felt the tight dress and pantyhose, and the long silky curly hair and lack of penis and balls, along with his new heavier more sensitive chest with boobs.

“Babe, you should put your shoes back on, I think well, I hate to tell you, but I think your feet are a bit funky if you know what I mean,” said the guy.

So not only was Kenny now a chick, he had smelly sweaty nylon covered girl feet now too! He reluctantly put back on “his” shoes, four inch suede black pumps, instantly hurting his tiny new feet apparently again, as this was probably why she kicked them off before he arrive in her body. He did notice his feet were sweaty even with the shoes off, and apparently this chick had a foot odor problem too. For some reason that turned him on, though, and get got wet.

He then got a kinky idea. He kicked the heel on his right foot off again, and pushed his smelly toes into the guy’s nose!

“Smell them closer then, stud muffin,” Kenny, now Melissa said, stunned she called this man a stud muffin.

“Ah, now you are talking, that’s what I wanted you to do,” said the guy, sniffing more, and then drawing the new Melissa close for a kiss!


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