Worth It

This is why I did it, what made it all worth it. Some people are happy to be trannys and just look like girls. But for me, it was all about the end result, to be flat. I never cared about boobs, but I must admit I enjoy the sexy figure I have developed. I have never cared for my penis. Always hated that bulge in my shorts. But now I have taken that all important final step. Up to that point I could have turned things around and gone back to being the old me (if I ever wanted to). But now, there is no going back. I will never again feel what it is like to have an erection, and that is just fine with me. All I have ever wanted is to have a bikini that fit me properly, in all the right spots. Today is the first day of summer and I am proud to say that after several tough years I have achieved my ultimate goal, my bikini bottoms sit flat against my crotch.


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