Wishing Coin Gone Wrong

Henry found a wishing coin and made a wish, not believing it was a real wish coin.

“If this is a wishing coin, then I wish I was in some hot dirty sex,” said Henry.

Suddenly he was sitting, feeling very different, curvier, softer, with something long and silky framing his face, and heavier in some places, while wet in another. As he looked on he seen a huge dick spew cum towards him!

“Take that, Hana, my hot sperm is for you,” said Derreck, apparently Hana’s boyfriend.

Henry, now Hana, screamed, while trying to wipe the cum off her face with her dainty new hands. She reached for her boobs and pussy, shocked at the new body, but realizing she got her wish, just in a very different way than expected. Hana, never found the coin again, and no one ever remembered Henry, just Hana. She would have to live as Hana from now on, and have to us Derreck for any hot dirty sex from now on.


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