Alex had been bored out of his mind. It was his first time flying alone without his parents with him and he didn’t know what else to do with the six hours left on his flight. He’d already exhausted all of his movies and listened to every song on his ipod, but the flight just kept on going. He was about to just take a nap until the end, until something strange out the window caught his eye.
It was the weirdest cloud he had ever seen. I looked just like a regular cloud, but it was a lot thicker and glowed a soft pink color. Alex had never seen anything like it. And the plane just flew right through it.
Alex blinked, and he felt different. Not wrong, just… different. He stood and looked around the plane around him and noticed that there were different people in the seats around him than before. And they were all staring at themselves for some reason.
Alex sat back down and felt weight on his chest move. He looked down to see his body had changed to that of a girl. In fact, when he looked in the camera of his phone to see himself better, he thought he looked kind of like a female version of himself. He still had the same style he did before, just more feminine.
For some reason Alex wasn’t worried or freaked out. He knew he had just changed into a girl randomly, but it wasn’t the bad. He’d have to take a better look at himself privately when the plane landed, but for now he was content to take a selfie of his new body to send to his friends.


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