Trying it out

The body suit I ordered had just come in the mail. When I opened the package it seemed to be a pile of soft fabric much like skin. I slid my bare legs in, one at a time, so I could relish the feeling. Pulling it up over my hips I looked down to see my crotch was flat as if my dick wasn’t just under the suit, but gone entirely. That’s when the suit came to life and climbed my body, tightening as it zipped itself up my spine. After a brief moment of crushing tightness I get a rush come over my body. I was incredibly horny. Reaching down to my crotch I found that the warm lips of my vagina sent intense pleasure through my body. Without wasting time I quickly found the vibrator I keep for when I would have female companions. Working it into my new wet pussy was entirely different from anything I’ve experienced. I rocked my hips as the vibrator brushed my g-spot and looked to the package where instructions said “penetration makes the suit permanent” and I gasped as I knew I would love this new body and achieved the most intense orgasm.


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