This House Again

Rich walked to the door, a container of liquid over his shoulder. He rolled his eyes as he walked up the steps towards the front door. This place again? This was the third time this week he’d been sent over to complete some minor task around the house. Each time some half dressed teenage girl had answered the door. She was hot—Rich didn’t deny that—but he had around ten years on her. He also had a girlfriend, so even if he was interested he still wouldn’t have gone for it.

He rang the doorbell and sure enough, within thirty seconds she was there. “Hey! Come on in” she purred. “Thanks” Rich replied, noting that her…..sweatshirt? jacket? honestly he wasn’t sure…..was zipped down far enough there was just a hint of cleavage and she’d hooked her thumbs into her shorts. Kids these days.

As he walked past he saw the girl’s older sister come running over. “Maeve! Cover up!” she hissed as she fiddled with the article of clothing. Rich aslo thought he heard her say something about a spell, but come on. That was ridiculous.


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