The Romance Novel

Emily brushed the blonde hair from her eyes as she watched Derek in the shower. His broad shoulders and muscular thighs had her mesmerized. She had been infatuated with him for years. Would he ever notice her? She felt a tingle in her honey pot as she watched him.

“Wow! This book is great. I can’t seem to put it down.” Tom had been a fan of girly romance novels for years. Of course, he had to read them in secret. His buddies would never understand and he certainly didn’t want to put up with the harassment if they found out.

Emily gave a small gasp as Derek turned in the shower and she saw the massive member hanging majestically between his muscular legs. Her breath came in quick little gasps as she felt the crinkle of her large but perfectly formed breasts as her nipples got hard.

“Oh Man. Talk about getting caught up in a story. I almost feel like I’m one of the characters. I can nearly feel what they feel. I don’t know who the author is, but she’s great. I can’t believe I found this wonderful book in, of all places, a dusty magic shop at the Mall.”

Then Derek raised his head and saw Emily watching him. His deep brown eyes locked with her beautiful blue ones. His wonderful symbol of manhood rising to its full erect glory as if saluting her beauty, Derek smiled and motioned for her to join him. With a sob of delight, Emily ran to his arms. He was hers now and they would be together always.
The End

Emily wiped her eyes. Her boy friend Derek always teased her about getting sentimental over these romance novels but he certainly didn’t complain about how turned on she got after a good one like this.


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