The Boss

Jason and I stood in the office, then a brilliant flash of light hit us. One second we were yelling at Mr. Andrews, our boss for cutting our salaries. The next second we were chicks.
“Who do you think you are Alex?” Mr. Andrews said with a mocking tone. “You March in my office and try to make me look like a fool! Who looks like a fool now? You thought your pay was getting worse, let’s see how you like it being paid as a woman! Maybe I’ll give you a raise if you make me happy!”
We both yelled “No!” At the top of our lungs, but Mr. Andrews wasn’t taking no for an answer. As suddenly as we had become women, we began to feel an urge to please this man. In our heads it wasn’t a want, it was a need. We needed his cock in us. Now that we were women we needed to show him we knew who was boss. I got on my knees and Jessica did too. We were both longing for that cock deep in our throats. Jessica looked over at me. “How about you take that bad boy in first Alexis!” All I could do was smile as I took my Boss’s dick in my mouth for the first time.


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