TG gun strikes again

After ordering a device that was said to make anyone a bodysuit if you shot them with it was hard to believe . Zane ordered it on a whim that it would work.
After the package arrived , he took it out and read the instructions on operation of the device.
Ok, who am I going to try this out on? My neighbor next door is single and no other family to miss her plus she is gorgeous !
Zane waited until no one was around and zapped her with it causing a pile of skin.
He took the skin back over to his home and undressed so he could try her on. He first put both feet in and slowly pulled the skin up his body. As he did, his legs got slimmer and sexier. Then his hips and butt was next and it did the same. He looked in the mirror and he looked like GIGi from the waist down and him from the waist up. The excitement was building , so he pulled the skin the rest of the way up and pulled the head part over his.
Again he looked in the mirror and was amazed ! He was GiGi his neighbor ! He was so excited he just had to see what her body really felt like!


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