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Transfered from the stone

I can’t believe I just run into Amy after all this time. She seems so used to her role. It wasn’t always like that, in fact Amy wasn’t a girl two years ago. To explain how it happened, I have to first explain how I got my abilities. Read more

Birthday (@Skxawng)

As Skxawng got home from a long day, he found a small giftwrapped box in his living room. It was his birthday, so it didn’t seem out of place. He ripped it open and found a note inside: “I hope you enjoy your birthday gift. There are no rules nor limits, and you are bound only by your imagination. Have fun, love Kimkat”. Read more

My niece Amy (part 1)

It all started when I attended a wedding. I was happy to see so many of my relatives. Everybody from my cousin Melanie, to my niece Amy were there. It had been years since I last saw Amy, I couldn’t believe she was all grown up. I think she must now be about 19 or 20 years old. When we were both younger I used to play board games with her. I always let her win, which used to bring a big smile on her face. Read more