The TG scales

Bob was quite depressed he had lost his job, his wife and he was fat. But when a new shop opened in the mall that just happened to be a magic store he had to check it out. He was only browsing when a woman walked up to him. “Can I help you with anything??” She said
“Uh yeah do you have anything for weight loss?”
“Yeah I think I’ve got just the right thing” the woman walked out the back and soon brought out some scales . She gave them to Bob for free. Bob took them back to his apartment not knowing how they worked. As soon as he got home he took the scales into his room . He contemplated how they worked but then he decided to step on them. As soon as he did he felt a shock go through his body it was only a few seconds then he now was a she . She giggled “wow I’ve lost all my wait but I’ve also lost me dick , aw well at least I’ve gained some assets” Bob now Bree decided to hit the streets to find some studs to fuck.


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