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Supergirl taken over part 2

A week had passed and Lex Luthor was becoming a bit more comfortable in Kara’s body. Being Kara Danvers meant that she now had to copy her mannerisms and personality in both her superhero alter ego and in her regular life. So far, she had not found a way to get close enough to Superman to hurt him. Read more

At the costume shop

“Hand me another one” I told my girlfriend while I was trying an ironman costume at the shop’s dressing room, “Maybe a hulk or superman costume”. At the time, I didn’t notice she had mistaken a supergirl’s costume for superman. I slid the shirt on, “wait! this is too short, is this a kid’s costume?” I asked her. “Nope, it says adult. Maybe try the rest on” she said. Read more

Supergirl taken over

Supergirl was trapped in one of Lex Luthor’s deathtraps, forced to watch helpless as the villain approached her. “You’ll never win you evildoer!” she cried defiantly. Read more