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Not sure I can continue like this

My girlfriend used to be a shy geeky girl. That was before the Blue Orb happened.
I myself didn’t get many changes. I became a bit older, maybe a little smarter I think. Some of my habits changed: I didn’t like coffee anymore. Not so tough on me, right? Read more

Blue Orb

I can’t believe I’m about to do this. A few months ago I was a grown-up man, happily married… Now I’m a teenage girl about to have sex with her new boyfriend. Read more

Girlfriend swap

I stormed into my little brother’s room and found my girlfriend lying in bed next to him. They didn’t look at me like they were the ones at fault though.
I just wanted to check, when I woke up with his girlfriend lying next to me, acting like it was perfectly normal, I had a strange feeling that this would have happened. Read more

Donne moi son corps

J’étais chez ma copine, Amélie, quand tout cela est arrivé.
Elle vivait avec une autre fille, Sarah, qui a priori avait des vues sur moi. Je n’y faisais pas plus attention que ça mais j’aurais peut-être dû. Read more