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Becoming Jess (@jc123)

Upon leaving the building Joe immidiately begin to regret taking part of this experiment. He thought it could be interesting and fun to try out being a woman for some time but it turned out to be the exact opposite. The breasts that constantly jiggled on his chest wans’t pleasant. Not to mention the empty feeling between his legs was very disturbing. The familiar feeling of his manhood was gone and it bothered him all the way home. Read more

Losing Weight

“Um, mom? I think some of my clothes shrunk in the wash.” I said, entering the room in nothing but a bra and a pair of genes I had to squeeze into. “None of my shirts fit me, and these genes are practically painted on.” Read more

Linda Norton

I never thought it was would all end up like this. In fact, I never wanted this. Never. I was a man and I intended on staying one. I was masculine and I never thought of being female and if I were to think about it I would see it as immensely disgusting. Read more