I never believed in wishing wells, but Katy did.

Katy was my neighbor, she was a single child, and me too, so we spent a lot of time together when we were young. As time passed, we stopped seeing each other everyday, since she went to an all girl school, but some times, we still went walking in the park together.

That’s how we found the well. I took it for a normal one, but Katy wanted to make a wish, so she threw some pieces in. There were 5 of them. Katy told me to make some wishes in my head. She told me two of the pieces were for me.

I told her that it would never work, but she urged me to do it, saying that it would make her happy.

My first wish was for Katy to go to the same school as me

The second one, a little more selfish, was to be able to have multiple orgasm without being tired.
Damn, I regret this one.

Then, the well disapeared and I started feeling dizzy. Everything went black and when I woke up, I was in Katy’s chamber. My body felt strange. Very strange…My mind cleared up a bit and I realised where I was. I hadn’t been in her room for years, but I didn’t feel out of place. I still felt strange in my body. I opened my eyes and took a look at myself.

I had become Katy!!!

I started panicking, trying to find a rational reason to my change. Then Katy entered the room. ”Hi Sabrina” she said.

I’d later learn the three wishes Katy made. She wished for a twin sister. Then,she wished to be able to spend all her time with her. Finally, she wished for her sexual needs to be always filled. I didn’t know she had such great sexual cravings…

That all happened yesterday. Tday was sunday, so since we hadn’t found a way to bring me back to my normal body, I had to go to Katy’s all-girl school, where everybody tought that my presence was normal. I understood I was in trouble when, while going back to school, Katy admited thatshe really wanted to have sex until she was too tired to continue.

At first, I tought she was talking about having sex with me. Even if I wasn’t in my body, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Then we got to our room and I saw that guy.when I understood what was going to happen, I tried to object, but it was already too late. Katy’s wishdidn’t give me a choice, I had to stay with her and comply to all of what happened, since her sexual needs were shared with me.

It’ been 6 hours since it started. 6 hours of being fucked by guys that keep coming each time tha previous one finishes with one of us. After a few orgasms, Katy got tired and stopped fucking the new guys that came to our room. I’ve spent 6 hours being fucked out of my mind. Katy came back a few times already, stopping after becoming tired again. She told me she didn’t understand why I wouldn’t stop.

I knew why.

Why have I made that second wish?


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