Shouldn’t Have Snuck In On Momma Part 4

I walked downstairs, my breasts already straining the bra I was wearing, which had fit almost perfectly a moment ago. If mine were already growing, then hers must be already shrinking. I entered the living room, and saw her panicking on the couch.
“What’s happening?!” she shouted at me, her eyes catching my growing bust, and mine staring at her rapidly shrinking one.
“I’m stealing your tits,” I said matter of factly. “Those huge boobs you’ve been so proud of, the ones I admired when I was your boyfriend, will soon be mine.” Her bra was already useless, I noticed just as mine snapped. I could feel myself getting wet between my legs, but I had to control myself.
But I couldn’t. I came when her chest had shrunk to a large B-cup, and mine were already resting against my thick thighs. Our transfer stopped.
“Huh, lucky you,” I said sadly. “You get to keep some boob. I was going to leave you completely flat, but I guess this is fine. Come on, we’re going upstairs.”
I led her up into her room, were I had a pair of her panties, and one of my old bra sitting on her bed. “Put them on,” I said, and she obeyed. She removed her shirt, and now far too large bra, followed by her pants and the panties she was currently wearing. She slipped into the new underwear, and turned around, a pout on her face.
“Smile,” I said. “Aren’t you happy to see how well your daughter has blossomed?” She gave me a big fake smile, and I smiled back.
“There, now that’s better.”


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