Rephrase That

“Oh hey sis!” I said as she walked into the bathroom, not knowing I was already inside, sitting nude on the sink.
“What-who are you?” she shouted at me.
“Silly, I’m your brother! Well, let me rephrase that, I WAS your brother. Now we’re sisters!” I hopped down off the sink, my large tits shaking violently as I hit the ground. They continued to wobble as I walked over to my older sister. She was two years older than me, but I was as tall as her, but I was significantly larger in another area. Guess now we finally know where Mom’s busty genes went.
“I’d ask if I could borrow a bra, but as you can tell, that might not be the greatest idea,” I giggled as I walked back to my room, leaving my sister in the bathroom speechless.


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