Playing the Role you’re Given

Lawrence was a struggling actor who hadn’t worked in several months and when his agent called. “Lawrence! Dude, I’ve got the perfect gig for you. A director buddy of mine just called and his star just quit. He’s desperate and if you hurry over, the part is yours.” Well Lawrence did hurry right over and was rushed into make up. They went to work on him and it was like being in a whirl wind. When they finished, Lawrence looked like a woman. Hell, he even felt like a woman. He could almost swear he could feel his breasts jiggle and an empty space in his crotch. He was led on to the set where he sat on a couch and began to read the script. “Let’s see here, Oh! Ah! Oh Ah! So big! Oh! Ah! Wait a minute! What the hell is this?” Just then two hugely hung naked men sat down on either side of him and the director yelled “ACTION!”


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