One week trip. Free plane ticket, free hotel, all

I saw an ad in a website for a one week trip to a mexican beach. It was a new hotel, so they had a special promotion, “If you are one of our first 100 customers, you will be ellegible for a free trip, free plane ticket, free hotel room”. I never win anything I thought. I clicked in the ad anyways.

“Congratulations! you have won the free trip” appeared on screen. I knew It was spam, but I decided to follow the link. They asked for my name and some personal info. I wasn’t going to give them my real name. So I pretended to be a woman named Emily Jones. There was a note at the end “By clicking submit, you are accepting our terms of service, please read them carefully, you are agreeing for our lifetime service”. Of course I didn’t read them. I was sure that on the next screen they were going to ask me for my credit card, so, I would just cancel at that moment.

I clicked on submit. At that moment, I felt ill, like my blood pressure was going down. My vision got blurry, I was about to pass out, when I felt excited, like I was cumming. It felt good. My vision came back. Some guy was in top of me, grabbing my breasts and making love to me. “what the hell just happened?” I thought. I was in a woman’s body!. I just wanted to get out, I was scared, I felt horrible, so violated. He kept grabbing my breasts. After he was done, I asked him where I was, who I was. He thought I was pretending to have lost my memory, but he told me, “you are scaring me Emily, we are in our honey moon, you really don’t remember?” I didn’t remember shit, but I told him otherwise “Of course I remember honey, the sex was so good my thoughts got confused for a little while”.

For the whole week I pretended to be Emily, it wasn’t too difficult, I had some of her memories. I was expecting to go back to my old body after a week, but I didn’t. I tried calling home, to fin my old self. But nobody knew the old me, It was like he never existed. I had to live Emily’s life. Little by little I started to get used to her life, It did help that I got pregnant, by the time my baby was borned I didn’t even remember being a guy before.


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