“Okay, you can do this…”

“I just need to concentrate.”
It had been a weird couple of days for me but I was finally going to give it a shot. A few days ago on my sixteenth birthday my abilities as a shapeshifter awokened. I knew that I was born in a family of shapeshifters and my mom and my sister Jenna had similar abilities. Our mother told us about it the day my sisters powers kicked in and she awoke with green hair and purple eyes. My sister quickly adapted to her new powers and most of the time turned herself into hot boys to hit on her friends, avoid her period or act as my older brother. She also never forgot to rub it in that she was kind of an earlybloomer with her abilities and my awakening took more time.
Now that it was finally my time I spend most of my birthday getting used to my power and change into various persons like friends, celebraties oder muscular studs. But I always shifted into male bodys.
So today was finally the day I would try to shift myself into a female body. “You’ve done this a lot these past days, so this is not any different. Just shift.”, I was trying to comfort myself in front of the mirror. “Remember what Jenna told you about shifting into bodys you make up yourself. Imagine the person, concentrate and think about beco…” And it just happened. In the blink of an eye I see my face morph in the mirror, my hair growing out, my clothes and body change… The girl now staring back at me from the mirror… was me. I did it. I was a bit out of breath from the sudden shift but I did it.
I looked down at myself, touched my new female chest in the top I was wearing. Everything seemed to work as it should. I could feel they were definitely part of my body, I was even wearing a bra. My new clothes hugged my new figure perfectly so everything seemed to be allright there but there was one last thing I needed to check. One of my hands slowly went under the fine fabric of the panties I was now wearing as I buttoned up my tight pants.
“Hey little bro what are you up-“, was all Jenna could say in her deep manly voice as she entered my room. Our faces went immedeately red as we looked at each other me with my hand around my flat groin and female slit and Jenna getting a visible boner in the boxershorts she was wearing.
“Get out you sick pervert!”, I yelled in the feminin, girly voice I now possessed as Jenna slowly backed out of my room. “Can’t you give your little sister some privacy…?”


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