Oh My Gosh!!!

I had just finished a long hot day of working out in the yard. I decided I would go take a long hot bath to relax my old aching muscles. I drew the tub full of water just hot enough to help relax me. I climbed out of my dirty clothes and climbed into the tub. I even poured some of the wife’s bath salts in there to help. What I didn’t realize that her bath salts were for women only. As I was laying there, I could feel a tingle coming over my body. I didn’t pay any attention to it and I just laid in the soothing water. As I laid there I dozed off for what seemed like an hour or two. When I awoke , I felt refreshed but different! My hair was blonde and hanging down to my breasts….Oh My Gosh!!!! I’ve got TITS!!!! I had better check elsewhere… Oh Shit!!! My dick is GONE!!! But…Ooooh….That feels good when I stick my finger in there…


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