Somehow, some way, Ted’s cell phone was hit by lightening, and at the same time, Brenda Bigguns’ cell was hit too! Somehow they swapped bodies, and now Ted is sitting there in a dress with massive boobs, wondering what’s going on, and why he can’t stop thinking of cocks!

His answer would come soon enough, as he was going to gangbang ten guys tonight with his horny new body! Apparently Brenda Bigguns was a major slut/whore who would stop at nothing for a bunch of guys to do her on the same night! His new body had not only huge tits, but huge taste for men as well! This was new to Ted, as he was never into men before, not even a little, and now all he could think about was dicks and big strong guys!

The two would later find there was no way to recreate what happened, and even if they did, no guarantee they would swap back! So they resigned to their new lives. Brenda loved being a man, and Ted loved being a woman as well, after sex that first night, he embraced his new boobs, and screamed outside he loved being a slutty woman!


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