Odd One Out

Marcus Woods had been planning this for years. When the Swap Class program first started up at the college he jumped at the chance to teach it. Now finally after 3 years of teaching, he had a class with an odd number of students, meaning he would have to switch with someone for 2 weeks.

The swapping partners were suppose to be chosen at random but Marcus rigged it so that Jessica Walters, easily the hottest girl in class, would be the odd one out. Every guys face in the classroom fell when he announced Jessica and him would trade. Many students and teachers suspected what he had done, but Marcus didn’t care. He was about to live out his deepest, naughtiest, dream in the flesh.

After the swap, Marcus couldn’t get home quick enough. He jumped on his bed giggling hysterically in Jessica’s soft voice, as he stripped off most of her clothes. His borrowed pussy had already soaked his panties, Marcus’s mind wild with desire. He frantically explored every curve of his young supple body. One hand reached down to his shaven pussy while the other squeezed his breast. So many foreign sensations assaulted his brain, flooding it with pleasure, he couldn’t get enough! He realized he was moaning very girlishly which only made him hotter. His fingers were pumping in and out of his vagina rapidly. He could feel something deep inside building.

“Ohhhh Fuuuuuugh!” Marcus screamed long and loud. The orgasm had taken him by surprise with its share intensity. It was easily the best he ever experienced. Marcus brought his hand up to his mouth and sucked the pussy juices from his dainty fingers. This was everything he had ever dreamed of. If only it could last longer than 2 weeks!

“Maybe the swapping machine will have an ‘accident’ next week and no longer work.” Marcus thought wickedly. “Or maybe Mr Woods will disappear to Mexico with this hot lil body.” He laughed to himself as his hands returned to his pussy for round 2. One thing Marcus knew for sure was he was never going to give up this body, no matter what.


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