Not so super now.

My little sister really wanted to go to Comic Con this year with me & I told her there is no way she is cramping my style.

My mum asked me why I could not take her and I just went a bit red in the face she looked at me and said you don’t want to be embarrassed by your little sister in front of all the girls in skimpy outfits and I just nodded my head.

Friday night and I was looking forward to Comic Con tomorrow but when I woke up my mother had used witchcraft to turn me into a little blonde girl.

I screamed at her what have you done and she just said you can take your sister now it was bad enough that I was now a girl and forced to wear a Superwoman costume but I was also a few inches shorter than my sister.

I am not going to enjoy this I feel like everybody’s looking at me!!!.


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