No Longer Sterile

Mark was having a rough month. At the beginning of the month he was in a bad car accident, with the only injury being to his balls, leaving him sterile. When his girlfriend heard the news she left him because she couldn’t be with someone unable to have children. Mark was also by himself healing at home, unable to go to work. He fell into a slight depression, nothing seemed to be going his way, he cried many times that month.

One night Mark was looking out his window at the north star, he stared at it for a long time. He was amazed by its beauty and gazed at it. He spent the time gazing at it reflecting on the past month, becoming sterile, losing his girlfriend, and a slight loss in the flow of money. He wished on the star before he looked away, “I wish I was sterile again. I want to have a family”. And this truly is what he wanted, but he thought he’d never have it now. He went to bed that night thinking that thought.

He woke up the next morning feeling a little off. He got out of bed and almost fell over when he stood up, he brushed it off as nothing and stretched his arms. He took one step and he felt very off balance again, but this time he felt a jiggling sensation from his chest. “Oh my god! Do I have…” He reached down to his new boobs and screeched “I have boobs!”


Fast forward 14 months…

Mary learned to adjust to his new self after weeks of freaking out. She ended up meeting a man named Ryan one day at the supermarket and it was love at first sight. They fell in love, got married, and had unprotected sex on their honeymoon. When Mary checked the pregnancy test, the results were positive. “Oh My God! My wish came true! I’m having a baby!” Marks original wish came true through his new life as Mary.


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